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EYE SEE THEM - A Cloudwatcher's Journal - Paperback Book - Buy Button

             EYE SEE THEM      

 (A Cloudwatcher's Journal)  

          Written/Drawn by CEC & Cobalt Nightfaire  

                          Edited by Kristin Batenga                   

                     Format Engineer - Vince Hickey          

                    Introduction by Jaimie-Lee Wise  


Before the World was whirled into screen distractions, CLOUDS gave Us our wisdom and entertainment! CLOUDS expand our imagination, enhance our dreams, ease our nerves and elate our happiness...all by simply existing as they are! These morphing cotton-like entities entranced millenia of Shamen, Artists, Mystics, Poets and Children young and old, with genius ideas, being astounded by the most remarkable one-of-a-kind sculptures to ever grace our sky canvas!

"EYE SEE THEM: A Cloudwatcher's Journal" is a journal for documenting epiphanies you receive whilst observing clouds, an educational workbook, and also a sketchbook for doodling the images you find in clouds! Plus, this Cloudwatcher's delight is chockful of ancient cloud wisdom, cloud word searches, cloud haiku, Hawai'ian cloudtypes, cloud mazes, cloud riddles, unexpected cloud trivia, and sure to inspire your kids to play more outside in Mother Nature!

"EYE SEE THEM: A Cloudwatcher's Journal" is for adults, students, children, teachers, writers, artists, day-dreamers, wanderers, wonderers, wizards, lovers, photo-graphers, campers, overthinkers, hikers, philosophers, home schoolers, UFO enthusiasts, creative crafters, and those of Us intending more quality times with nature!


(A Cloudwatcher's Journal)" 

PAPERBACK Book Version





(A Cloudwatcher's Journal)"

DIGITAL Book Version


{Print the pages all together or separately for your Cloudwatching classes, personal studies, with your friends/family, or solitarily, today!}   

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