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   Sketchbook Vol 1
(January 1993 - February 1994)

       Written/Drawn by - CEC


Artist CEC discovered several old

sketchbooks from during his time

attending Columbia College in

Chicago, Illinois. This exploration through the evolution of CEC's imagination, gives you a personal

trip through his creative process of surreal experimentations. Mostly concocted during his trips

to/home from school, and hanging out with the other Insomniacs

at Harrison's Snack Shop.

    Sketchbook Vol 2
(December 1995 - January 1996)
          Written/Drawn by CEC

This second volume of sketchbooks
by artist CEC, depicts a symbolic
representation of the themes and
metaphors his imagination occupied,
during his attendance at liberal arts school, Columbia College in Chicago. Everyday between classes and rehearsals for plays, he'd spend 
between 2 and 6 hours at Harrison's Snack shop drawing up a storm, his mania fueled by guzzles of coffee by
Diane, a trustworthy server.


           {U DRAW}
Drawn/written by: CEC
Scientific Editor: Vince Hickey
This activity artbook is a hodgepodge
of drawing prompts, curious questions,
strange cartoons, and plenty of blank pages
for dreams, epiphanies, and sketches!
Inspires creativity and improv participation between friends and family. There is no
way to fail, because every answer is the
correct one!

               Drawn/Written by: CEC
          Scientific Editor: Vince Hickey
This lined blank book, is made to magnetize
your dreams, ideas, epiphanies, secret codes,
paranormal sightings, diary/journal memoirs,
lists of things you're grateful for, funny words,
strange conversations you've heard or had,
philosophies, theatre play, poetry, movies,
song lyrics, etc...whatever your infinite
imagination is thinking about or
intends to magnetize into your manifested
reality experience!!


Sleepwalking Through An Obstacle Course
                   Written/Edited by: CEC
             Drawn by: Cobalt Nightfaire
This unique combination of Earthling
poetry and dreams by Artificial Intelligence, is
invented with the intention of jumpstarting
your creativity brainstorming possibilities!
From pop culture, to philosophical curiosity,
these various images are certain to get your
stream of consciousness flowing again
by simply staring at them and zoning out
into space. Available in both hardcover coffee
table and digital kindle formats!


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